Save Your Sanity Divorce Summit

Divorce doesn’t have to wreck your mental health, empty your bank account or derail your future.

Get FREE access to more than 25 professional divorce coaches ready to share their best tips. We'll be talking about:

  •    🌟 Preparing to divorce
  •    🌟 Working with attorneys
  •    🌟 Negotiating a settlement
  •    🌟 Parenting plans and co-parenting
  •    🌟 Managing conflict
  •    🌟 Narcissists and safety
  •    🌟 Navigating big emotions
  •    🌟 Creating a new life you'll love
  •    🌟 and lots more...

We've got the experts you need to save your sanity and your money as you move through the various stages and struggles of divorce and co-parenting.

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Save Your Sanity Divorce Summit

Divorce Doesn't Have to Make You Feel Crazy

We've gathered some of the top divorce coaches so you can stress less before, during and after divorce. Even if you're scared, overwhelmed, or things aren't going smoothly, our experts are here to give you insider information and strategies that will save your sanity.

You’ll get FREE access to experts who’ll cover everything from divorce confidence to making decisions about your home to creating child centered parenting plans. Find out how to work effectively with your attorney to save money and even hear from a family court judge about what they wish you knew.

You’ll learn how working with a properly trained and certified divorce coach can save you time, money and emotional energy. Because you should be spending those on your life, not on your divorce.

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Presented by Divorce Coaches Academy®

Divorce Coaches Academy® is the global leader in training and educating professional divorce coaches that are prepared with excellent conflict management and coaching skills to lessen the financial and emotional impact of divorce on families.

DCA® is led by an experienced international team of practicing ADR professionals who are in touch with what you need to know in the current landscape of divorce.

And we've invited 25 of our coaching and conflict experts to join us and share their knowledge with YOU for FREE.

5 days of divorce expertise - all in one place - and you get access to these pros for FREE.

Our experts know what you're facing, what makes communication and negotiation effective, and what it takes to protect your sanity in the midst of conflict.


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More than 25 Divorce Pros Are Here to Help!

You have questions? Our coaches have answers. With these divorce coaching professionals, the information and strategies you need are just a click away. Our experts will be sharing years of knowledge, strategies, tips and tools. Bonus - they're giving away free resources and offering incredible specials to you just for attending.

How to Parent Alongside a High-Conflict or Narcissistic Ex & Stay Sane!

April 25, 2024, 02:00 PM

Amanda Hale
The Kids Are Okay, We're Okay: Navigating Parenting Plans and Situations in Special Circumstances

April 26, 2024, 02:00 PM

Emily Malloy
The Conscious Divorce Checklist and Islamic Wisdom

April 24, 2024, 08:00 PM

Nada Hariri
Rising Strong: Navigating The Journey of Divorce and Thriving Beyond!

April 27, 2024, 12:00 AM

Susan Kiernan

Just a few of the talks you won't want to miss!

Co-parenting, finances, mediation, conflict and more... All the topics you need to learn about to get through your divorce with less stress and more cash in your pocket.

Bonus! All of our speakers are available to provide you one-on-one support after the Summit if you like their vibe and their message. 

See what we're talking about!

Choose the topics you're interested in and we'll show you the talks and speakers you'll want to add to your schedule.

From co-parenting to financial decisions to life after divorce, our experts are covering al the topics you need to know about to navigate your divorce process.

Recovery and Designing a New Life
Emotions, Wellness, and Self-Care
Conflict and Safety

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